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Welcome to the University of Surabaya (UBAYA) !. Universitas Surabaya is one of the largest private universities in East Java. Currently Ubaya has a variety of educational programs that suit the needs of the community, including the industrial world. Please access the various programs available through the Studies Program page.

For prospective students who would like to join the Ubaya, you can visit our office or register online through the Online Registration web site. You can read the information about the admission path and registration procedure. Do not miss all the information about the fees and a variety of scholarships provided Ubaya.

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Hello Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA) Students !. How are you? I hope your studies in Ubaya running smoothly and you can excel in the field of academic and non-academic.

Need information about the procedures to take care of some administrative processes? Please read the instructions on this site through the Student Academic Guide page .Want to join a student organization or unit sport, art, or religion? read the information on the pages of Student Services Administration.

Nevertheless, the easiest way to take care of the various procedures is to visit the Integrated Administration Service (IAS) located in Tenggilis Campus, Library Building 1st Floor, Jalan Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.

Hello Alumni Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA)! How's it going? good luck is always on the job!.

Want to share your success with a bit of variety to participate in advancing student or prospective student Ubaya? Join the "Giving with Ubaya" program.

Want to find a job or increase our potential? follow various programs organized by the Career Assistance Centre (CAC). Visit the Career Assistance Center (CAC) which is located in the Integrated Administration Service (IAS) located in the Campus Tenggilis, Library Building 1st Floor, Jalan Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.