Fun Bike Event To Commemorate The Earth Day

  • April 25, 2012
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

In order to commemorate the Earth Day, Ubaya in conjunction with Kompas organized a Green Bike Fest which is also one event under the 44th Ubaya Anniversary event series. After previously organized the tree planting activity at various locations in Surabaya, the event series was concluded with the Green Bike Fest participated by 7,500 bikers. The event that was attended by Pakde Karwo (Governor of East Java) began at six o’clock in the morning. On that morning session, the man with the mustache had a chance to officially release the participants. “Thank you to Ubaya and all who have participated. I’ll give additional motor bike as a prize. Be careful on the street and hopefully all of you become healthier. Wish all the best for Ubaya,” said Pakde Karwo with smile.


The distance of this fun bike is 27 km through MERR bridge and Tambak Sari. After 1 hour, some participants started to enter the finish line located at Ubaya Tenggilis. Prof. Ir. Joniarto Parung MMBAT PhD (Ubaya Rector) also gave his speech. “Through this event, we can see that there are still many people who still care to t the environment. It’s not only water and soil, but also the air that is realized through the tree planting and this Fun Bike event. May we all be able to produce a better world for our future generations,” he said. Afterwards, Budiman Tanuredjo (Kompas Managing Editor) delivered his speech. He said that Kompas will organize the same event every year aims to strengthen the cooperation between Surabaya residents and Surabaya Mayor in producing a clean and healthy earth.

Tri Rismaharini as Surabaya Mayor who also attended the event stated that in the future Surabaya will be free from flood. “Thanks to all who have been trying to save the earth, especially Surabaya residents. The prediction is most of the cities in Indonesia will sink but not Surabaya because its citizens have begun to be more aware towards the environment,” said this friendly woman. Bu Risma who is included on the list of the world’s best Mayor also said that Surabaya is considered as the area with the best environmental management in Asia.

Various door prizes such as bicycles are available for the Fun Bike participants. Ulfaturohmania who came with her father expressed her joy when her number is declared as the winner of prize bicycle. “This event is nice and exciting. This is my first time to join such event and I win. My joy can not be expressed in words,” she said. (tif)

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