Selling Skill And Event Management Practices For Ubaya Polytechnic Marketing Management Students

  • February 22, 2012
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

Ubaya Polytechnic Marketing Management Program (UPMMP) once again proved its students’ great performance through the opportunity to collaborate with PRO M team in organizing a seminar delivered by Indonesia’s Number 1 Motivator namely Andre Wongso.

This seminar is the second time for UPMM students to collaborate with PRO M team in organizing big seminar after previously held the James Gwee Seminar.

Andrie Wongso seminar was held at the Grand City Ballroom on 04 February 2012 and was attended by approximately 1,100 participants from various backgrounds and professions.

On this event, the UPMM students could surely proved selling and event management skills learned from the class.

As known, marketing and selling are two professions that is the key factors for all business types that intend to expand and rapidly grow. Moreover, it is also known that the more hours they have, the more expert they are experts in marketing and selling. In this case, UPMM is confident that the students are really ready to enter the workforce with competent skills as because the students have been equipped with knowledge and skills in implementing the theories learned since the first semester.

On this event, UPMMP also opened the admission for the Selling Skills Course, a 1-month selling skill course that can be used by marketing practitioners to improve and strengthen their selling skills.

The trust from some companies to UPMM in supporting their marketing programs also proves that UPMM students are highly qualified students. A good choice for those who want to be professional on the marketing and selling fields.

In fact, the UPMM offers 2 concentrations, namely:

  • Marketing for Hotel and Tourism for those who love traveling, making an event, or are interested in joining the marketing department at hotel and tourism objects, and want to open their own travel agency, and

  • Professional Selling for those who want to become a professional & reliable salesperson, and learn deeper about marketing and selling aims to support their dreams in selling their products when they become entrepreneur in the future

Another advantage offered by the Ubaya Polytechnic is the course can be completed within 2 years (4 semesters) so that students can begin their internship at the beginning of the 5th semester as well as studying some subjects only.

Compacting the curriculum was organized to respond the input received from the companies and academics to the higher demands and so the graduates could graduate on time and possess the required competencies. Short time to complete the course, get the job fast, and have internship experience on bonafide companies are the benefits of studying at Ubaya Polytechnic.

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