After successfully winning the first place on the Close Up Hook Up (CUHU) 2010 competition held by PT Unilever Indonesia that produces the Close Up brand with total prize money of IDR 50 million, this year, Ubaya Polytechnic Secretary Program students once again showed their great achievement.

On 12 November 2011, at Politeknik Negeri Malang, 3 Ubaya Polytechnic students Andita Ayu Dewangga, Ines Safdrawina Sari, and Yeyen Budiarsih once again showed the quality of Ubaya Polytechnic Secretary Program. In fact, every year, this study program successfuly won many awards in various competitions.

The theme of the competition that is held for universities in East Java is “Through BAO 2011 We Create the Professional Businessman in the Industrial World”. It consists of several sub competition namely Business Computers Applications, Business Statistic, Business Communication, and Business Plan Presentation in English. Giving their best performance, Ines Safdrawina Sari successfully won the second place and Andita Ayu Dewangga won the third place.

Drs. Nuryanto, M.M as Head of Ubaya Polytechnic Secretary Program explained that he prepared the 3 students with the support from Drs. Barnad, M.T. for Computer Applications, Dra. Ratnarini for Business Communications, and Drs. Leonardi Lucky Kurniawan, MBA for Business Plan. Meanwhile Dra. Naniek Mariandari, M.M. is a mentor and supervisor of the students during the competition.

What an outstanding achievement and Secretary program must be proud of it. In fact, they successfully beat many well known state, and private universities and Polytechnic. Congratulations and keep on working for Ubaya Polyclinic Secretary Program.

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