19 University Students From Malang Were Brainwashed

  • April 20, 2011
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

SURABAYA - A horrible story about brainwashing that allegedly carried out by Negara Islam Indonesia (NII) has entered Malang City at East Java province. Some students from 2 different campuses in Malang were expected to be the victims of brainwashing. 9 students are from Universitas Muhamadiyah Malang (UMM) and 2 students are from UB (UB).

These students were brought to Jakarta and allegedly forced to commit and affirm to be NII members. To date, 2 of them from UMM are still unknown.

In fact, Mahathir Rizki from UMM who reportedly was lost had contacted his family in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara. Mahathir admitted to his family that he feels at home and comfortable with NII. Ismed Jayaram, uncle of Mahathir said his nephew has contacted his family in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara on Tuesday (19 / 4) at around 07 pm.

“When contacting his family Mahathir was feeling ashamed when dicovering his picture was on mass media and television. He confessed that he is now in Semarang, Central Java Province,” said Ismed on Wednesday (20 / 4) morning.

In his confession to the family, although he feels ashamed, he is reluctant to go back home because this son of Abdul Muntholib and Rostina couple has committed to spread and establish NII in Indonesia.

Previously, Nasrullah (UMM Head of Public Relations) said on Tuesday (19 / 4), “This is the second time our students become the victim of NII brainwashing. In 2008, there were 4 students became the brainwashing victim.”

Meanwhile, this year, there are 13 students Maya Mazesta, Agung Arief Perdana Putra, Mahathir Rizki, Fitri Zakiyah, M Hanif Ramdhani, Wahyu Darmawan, Reviana Efendi, Reza Yuniansyah Nur Ilmi, and M Recky Kurniawan.

From 9 students, according to Nasrullah, some have been invited to Jakarta and forced to be NII members, but some have not. From 9 students, 2 of them namely, Agung Arief Perdana Putra, and Mahathir Rizki are unknown until now.

While 7 other students are now in the rehabilitation process for to restore their mind. “During recruitment, the 9 students were indoctrinated with negative understanding. For example, they discussed and confessed that invited discussion and stated that the Republic of Indonesia is an infidel. To survive, they have to join Negara Islam,” described Nasrullah.

The case was uncovered in March, after Mahatir Rizky family reported the lost. “We have coordinated with the police to uncover this case. Moreover, cases like this also happen to many students at various campuses in Indonesia,” said Nasrullah.

While, the victims from UB are Desy and Ezra. Both are the 2010 students. Unfortunately, Prof. Yogi Sugito (UB Rector) can not be confirmed.

Ismed, uncle of Mahatir from UMM said that his nephew has asked money of IDR 20 million from his parents.

“When asking for the money, Mahatir informed his parents that he has lost his laptop. His family gave the money as they expect Mahatir to buy the new laptop using that money,” said Ismed.

He said the family lost contact with Mahathir since mid March. Mahathir who stays at the boarding house Jl Tlogomas, Gang III Malang was last seen on 24 March 2011. One victim who was not going to Jakarta, M Hanif said he was first invited by Maya Mazesta. “I and other friends were invited by Maya, while Maya was encouraged by two strangers,” said Hanif.

The perpetrators of this brainwashing case are Veriansyah Dhani alias Dhani alias Fery alias Dadi, who admitted as a STIKOM Yogyakarta student, M Muhayyin from Lampung, and Najib who admitted as a student from Bandung.

All who were invited to Jakarta, said Hanif. They were asked to pay money for travel and the sworn process in Jakarta. Hanif cancelled his trip to Jakarta NII asked the money worth IDR 2.5 million.

“The money that was asked will be used for travel expenses and sworn process. If you do not have money, they suggest asking parents or selling our assets. This is as a sacrifice for NII,” said Hanief.

Agus Salim (Chief of Malang City Police) confirmed the report of the loss of students. “We are currently doing the investigation,” he said.

According to NII researcher namely Imadadun Rahmat, “After being demolished in 1962, NII is considered paralyzed in Java province. However, it is strong in Aceh and South Sulawesi. It is still doing a guerilla in the forest and taking the fight,” he said.

Be Critical

According to psychologist from Ubaya Psychology Clinical namely Dra Hartanti Msi on Wednesday (20 / 4), “The brainwashing case is very horrible. In fact, not all people can easily be brainwashed through hypnotic technique. Usually, only people with less confidence, low education level, and feel excluded from society.”

Because, added Hartanti, this person’s psychological weakness causes him/her to easily believe in others and the outsider so that it becomes a good point for NII to perform hypnosis. “Moreover, this brainwashing process usually starts from something that the victims’ really love or need. For example, the victims love to get attention but their parents and friends never give them attention,” she explained.

Hence, she suggested not to easily trusting anyone aims not to easily be brainwashed. “If needed, we should be a little negative in responding information from other people because if we are not active, our brain can be more easily inserted with negative information,” he described.


She continued, a person must also realize his/her strengths and not just the weakness and see things only from the emotional side only. “Every person must have some strengths regardless how bad he or she is. All people must realize that,” she said.

Should you feel trapped by the perpetrator of brainwashing, try not to accept or hear suggestions from the offender and not emptying your mind because it will facilitate the offender to wash your brain. “Encourage your mind and try to remember your sweet unforgettable moments such as your own wedding or expressing love to someone at the first time or the happy moment when have the first child aims to avoid emptying your mind,” explained Hartanti.

Meanwhile, as parents, we should be observant and sensitive to our child’s behavior. “Do not forget to always observe our child's behavior regardless event though we are very busy because when people are hypnotized, they will look dazed, often doing strange habits, as well as talking something disconnected during conversation,” she ended. zar, m8

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