Unleashing The Relevance Of Sun Tzu Art Of War, Using Management Control

  • October 01, 2010
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

Two Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics lecturers (Ubaya FBE), namely Dr. Sujoko Efferin and Bonnie Soeherman wrote a revolutionary book entitled “Sun Tzu Art of War and Management Control System: Philosophy and Application. The book has been published by Elex Media Gramedia Group on 22 September 2010.

The masterpiece of Sun Tzu Art of War was written 2,500 years ago and has been adopted by many well known Generals on their battles, such as on the Chinese War era in China (475-221 BC), the Three Kingdoms War era at the end of Han Dynasty, Napoleon Wars, World War II in Europe, Pacific War, Communist against Nationalist War in China (by Mao Zedong, and Vietnamese Ware (by General of Vo Nguyen Giap-North Vietnam). Sun Tzu Art of War was also adopted and taught at various leading business schools in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, United States, Canada, Europe, and others. In general, the business literatures that adopt Sun Tzu are on the field of management/general business, marketing, strategic management, and leadership. What makes this book interesting is the fact that it is the first book that unleashes Sun Tzu Art of War from Management Control System (MCS) perspective.

Combining experience from the real business world and comprehensive literature review, Efferin and Soeherman underlined that:

  1. In business, winning internal war is a prerequisite to win external war.
  2. Winning the hearts of subordinates is the essence of all types of control.
  3. The best controlling is when subordinates perform what their boss want without realizing that they are being controlled
  4. Formal bureaucratic mechanism and moral foundation are interrelated and integral in achieving a victorious organization.
  5. MCS is not just a tool to preserve something that already exists within organization (status quo), instead it should become a facilitator for organizational transformation in facing the environmental changes that occur.

Hope this book can be a useful source of inspiration for business community, professionals, academics, students and anyone interested in studying business.

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