Pakde Karwo Launched Ubaya Campus III

  • June 14, 2010
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

12 June 2010 will be commemorated as a historical day for Ubaya community. On that date, Ubaya Training Center (UTC) that is part of Integrated Outdoor Campus (IOC) was launched by Governor of East Java, Dr. H. Soekarwo. Present on that event were Pakde Karwo (nickname of Dr. H. Soekarwo) and family, Government of East Java province and Mojokerto regent officers, Consulate General of People’s Republic of China and other invited guests.
The opening ceremony started at 10.00 am, when the Governor was warmly welcomed by Anton Prijanto SH (Chairman of Ubaya Foundation), Prof. Drs ec Wibisono Hardjopranoto MS (Ubaya Rector) and Drs. Darmo Handojo, Apt. (Ubaya IOC Director). What was interesting was the governor was welcomed by local dance namely “Bantengan”.

Warm and strong collegiality atmosphere colored the arrival of Pakde Karwo. In fact, before entering the multifunction hall to launch UTC, Pakde Karwo and delegation are invited to enjoy some snacks on Villa Papaya (i.e. one of VIP villas on UTC). After enjoying snacks on Villa Papaya, the governor and delegation went straight to Multifunctional Hall where the launching ceremony took place. There, audience, invited guests and some students are waiting for the launching ceremony.

Opening speech from Prof. Wibisono initiated the opening ceremony of the campus that has been designed Ubaya since the 1980s. On his speech, Prof. Wibi highlighted development of the campus from the past to future plan. “In future, Ubaya plans to develop an e-library. The availability of internet will surely attract foreign researchers to conduct research here,” highlighted Prof. Wibi.

After Prof. Wibi was a speech from Anton Prijatno as Chairman of Ubaya Foundation. He explained that although Campus III is located in Trawas, Ubaya still strives to urban/city university concept. “Ubaya strives to urban/city university concept in which the university should able to support the development of the city, especially Surabaya,” explained Anton about Ubaya. Moreover, as time goes, Ubaya decides to have campus III. Campus III is a form of university disposition where a university should generate surplus, not profit. “As mandated by our predecessor, the surplus will be invested for education,” explained Anton.

The opening ceremony by the Governor began around 11:00 am. This event began with remarks from Pakde Karwo and followed by the inscription signing. “I put a very high appreciation to Ubaya for this operation of Campus III,” said this Ubaya Master of Law Program alumnus. Afterwards, Governor and delegation were invited to see campus III facilities. They are invited to see avocado and durian villas, as well as outbound facilities including flying fox above the lake. Besides that, the delegation also witnessed PLTS, composting house, ecosan technology and other facilities.

About Ubaya, Pakde Karwo has special opinion. “Ubaya is university with good national accreditation. It is proven by “A” accreditation for almost all of its faculty. Especially, the UTC operation will strengthen the relationship between college and university. People are very pleased to the operation of Campus III. In fact, they can plant very sweet Pondoh snake fruit here which previously can only be planted on lowland,” added Pakde Karwo. Furthermore, symbiotic mutualism between university and community is a very positive step. “Science and society must be connected so that science can be useful for society,” continued Pakde.

Leather Puppet Show Completes the Grand Launching of UTC event

The leather puppet show conducted at night completes the grand launching of UTC event. The show is open for internal Ubaya and Trawas local community. Prof. Wibi is the one who proposed and managed the show,” said Drs A Adji Prayitno S MS Apt as Head of organizing committee. As traditional event, the show was held to strengthen the relationship of Ubaya and local community. In fact, 150 spectators participated on the show and most of them are local community

Before the leather puppet show started, “Karawitan” Kluwih Laras from Ubaya performed. After that, leather puppet show titled “Candra Dimuka Crater” by Ki Dalang Sun Gondrong from Tulungagung performed. Before starting, Prof. Wibi welcomed spectators using Javanese language. After that was “Gatotkaca” token presentation to Ki Dalang Sun Gondrong. The show started 08:30 pm and finished 03:30 am.

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