Increase Self Confidence Of Woman With Big Breast

  • April 10, 2010
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

By: Syarif Abdullah

It is Mellissa Puspyta Widjaja, an Ubaya Faculty of Psychology student who is challenged to increase self confidence of woman with big breast. Breast, according to Mellissa who was born in 3 November 1986, is the most beautiful gift from God.

“Although my final thesis only gets no more than B grade, I am proud to conclude this thesis and investigate the woman with big breast’s lack of self confidence,” said Mellissa who is SMA Santa Maria Malang alumnus.  
Mellissa’s objective in writing her thesis is to increase self confidence of woman with big breast because she is aware that many women with big breast are not confident with their big breast.

“I was just joking with my friends. Then, suddenly, I am so curious and decide to take that topic for my thesis. We have to be thankful to God, even though we have big breast. I decide to write this thesis without any intention of vulgarism,” said this white skin woman with smile.  

This phenomenon inspires this 2005 Ubaya student to write a thesis, titled “I am proud to have big breast: Hypnotherapy implementation toward Woman with big breast”. She is once again keen to write her thesis because of the anxiety or lack of self confidence that is usually faced by woman with big breast as most of them are uncomfortable with their big breast.
She only needs 2 months to write her thesis. She admitted that her thesis only focuses on applied psychological, from hypnotherapy perspective for woman with big breast.

“I was late to submit my proposal and started my thesis on November 2009. My thesis starts with questionnaire to understand what does woman with big breast feel about her big breast. Then, I interview woman with big breast. From my interview, I know that most of them are uncomfortable with their breast. To manipulate, some of them wear shirt with bigger size and even wear 2 bras,” she described.
Mellissa added, “I interviewed 2 women as my objects. Both of them are ashamed because society mocks them in many occasions. I asked 46 questions to them. Actually, the 2 women are just few of hundred of women with big breast whose filled my questionnaire. 85% of them are uncomfortable with their breast. I can not generalize my finding because this topic is quite sensitive. Yet, my mentor said that 2 objects are sufficient to represent the respondents.”

Moreover, Mellissa focuses to find 18-22 years old women as her respondents. Besides she tends to find shy person respondent, but have breast size of 38C or D. “38C or D is very big for Indonesian people size. In fact, I use hypnotherapy to my respondents for hours. I learned hypnotherapy from hypnotherapy practitioner and Ubaya Master Program lecturer, Mr. Adi W Gunawan. He wrote some hypnotherapy books and teaches in Ubaya Faculty of Psychology. I learned a lot about hypnotherapy technical support from him,” Mellissa ended.

taken from Surabaya Pos Online
Sat, 10 April 2010 | 11:07 WIB

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