Ubaya Women’s Team Won The National University Basketball League

  • February 25, 2013
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

Jakarta – University of Surabaya (Ubaya) women’s basketball team won the 2013 National University Basketball League (Lima 2013) after defeated Universitas Parahyangan Alligator 73-38 at the Grand Final held at Pulogadung Sport Hall, Jakarta, Sunday.

Ubaya center player, Gabriel Sophia and Marjoice Fedora led their teammates to continue to be consistent and dominate throughout the four quarters with a tight defense and a nice transition to pressure Parahyangan.

Marjoice Fedora scored 30% of Ubaya scores with 26 points, 2 rebounds and 1 assist.

Meanwhile, Gabriel recorded “double-double” with fantastic achievement of 19 points, 17 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Since the first quarter, the defense coordinated by Gabriel Sophia frightens Parahyangan.

Several times, Gabriel did some “blocks” that eventually initiate “turn over” and is converted into points for Ubaya. However, Parahyangan also fortunate to have Patricia Irmalia and Andrea Tanurachman who a few times create hopes for this Bandung Women through their point contribution.

In the first quarter, Andrea several times passed Gabriel tight defense and beautifully did “the lay up”. On the opening of the first quarter, it made Parahyangan a ball ahead Ubaya.

Gabriel seemed does not want to do the same mistake by doing three hard “blocks” to minimize Vania action, and it led to the turn over. Marjoice Fedora then converted it with 3 points and made the score of 12-8. She once again can sneak from Parahyangan defense and freely score 3 points and closed the first quarter 15-8.

Marjoice and her teammates, Mega Nanda and Gabriel performed quite well on the early second quarter and led Ubaya to dominate the game. Through a good “set play” and utilize the Parahyangan weakness on transition, Mega was capable to score 4 points and made the score 25-11.

Parahyangan coach, Arifin, once again tried to play Mandie Soengkono to do a “drive” that hopefully can disrupt the tight defense of Gabriel.

However, Parahyangan players, Mia Aulia, Atty Juliani and their teammates looked uneasy in guarding Ubaya players and were in hurry in attacking the Ubaya basket.

The slow transition after the offense was properly utilized by Marjoice as she continues to score for Ubaya. In the second quarter, Marjoice’s 3 points concluded the quarter with the score 33-19.

In the third quarter, Parahyangan effort seemed to run out. Marjoice several times scored and made the score 38-21.

Atty Juliani seemed to extend Parahyangan effort by scoring two 2-point shots. The third quarter score still leaves considerable difference of 54-31.

In the fourth quarter, Ubaya was comfortably up with significant score difference. Unfortunately, Marjoice looked ambitious and did lay up that easily blocked by Atty Juliani. Parahyangan dose not want to give up through the hard work of Elsa Silvia who had to face Gabriel.

Gabriel with her tall posture, passed Atty and scored points to extend the score difference for Ubaya. A good “set play” from a player who just entered the court, Jessica Christiani helped Ratih Priarti to easily score 2 points and extend the difference to 71-38. 2 final points from Jessica that made the score 73-38 confirmed Ubaya to be a Champion of Lima 2013.

The third place won by Universitas Pelita Harapan Eagles with its leading player namely Nur Rahmawati who contributed 16 points when her team defeated Universitas Esa Unggul The Swans 63-45 in the third place match.

In addition to Nur, Febriana Sinatra also successfully utilized the Esa Unggul weakness on defense with three 3-pointers and added 6 points to overcome the great effort from Fitryana Dewi Sari and her teammates.

Author: Yudo Dahono/YUD

Resource: Antara

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