Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA):

The logo of Ubaya consists of 4 elements:

a. A “Red Keluwih Leaf”, literally a kind of breadfruit with many seeds leaf, symbolizes a vision of the university to reach highest possible knowledge with high spirit (in Javanese: linuwih).

b. The golden yellow letter “S” shape represents the city of Surabaya. This letter ”S” is constructed from a Suro and a Boyo which means shark and crocodile according to Javanese Language. The golden yellow colour represents nobility.

c. Under the keluwih leaf is ”U” shape made of wide rim “Bokor” with a golden writing ”Universitas Surabaya”. The letter ”U” symbolises the word ”University”. The wide rim “Bokor”, which literally means a kind of copper or silver bowl, is used to indicate a medium to accumulate knowledge.

d. A ”Pipisan” literally means an Indonesian traditional grinder, centred at the bottom of the logo. “Pipisan” symbolises a grinder and a polisher of knowledge.

The logo characterises: 

Ubaya is a Higher Education Institution located in Surabaya. Ubaya is committed itself to the development and dissemination of science and technology in order to deliver graduates who possess good personality, the highest level of knowledge (linuwih) & competency, and high spirit to learn and support the prominent vision of Republic Indonesia.

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The Ubaya official logo are registered trademark of Universitas Surabaya protected by law. The logo can be used by Universitas Surabaya's staff for official purposes. Students can also use the logo on their reports or any other academic reports.


For any other use, please contact our Marketing and Public Relation Office to get a written permision.