Ubaya Training Center (UTC)

Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA):


A training center with outdoor concept that cultivates the nature and implementation of effective & optimum nature conservation.

Ubaya Training Center (UTC) is part of the Integrated Outdoor Campus (IOC) which is widely known as Ubaya campus III. It is located in Village of Tamiajeng, Trawas and stands on the 36-hectare land. UTC offers a new outdoor training concept that promotes the nature as well as implementation of effective & optimum nature conservation.

We care to every need of modern society and through nature, we try to answer and provide solutions as follows:

  • How students do the outing activity or the learning agenda with the real natural atmosphere
  • How family can relax, enjoy the natural scenery while learning about nature and its ecological system
  • How retreat and seminar activities could lead to an interesting "Experiential Learning" (Outbound) through certified international standard facilities and equipments as well as reliable certified instructors
  • How the businessmen who already bored with urban condition can conduct meetings under green, calm, and healthy atmosphere



Majority of UTC buildings were constructed using natural materials such as natural stone, and “Aliwowos” wood from North Sulawesi that is known as strong and solid material for building construction, as well as resistant to termite attack.

For garden arrangement, UTC promotes a fresh green atmosphere. We flourish a wide variety of plants and flowers to create more alive and fresh environment.

UTC is very concerned to the nature, and as an educational institution, we mean to give significant benefits for the development of education in Indonesia. We apply real applications of natural learning through the use of “Ecosan” system (i.e. process of producing fertilizer through human faces and urine) on UTC toilet; solar energy unit module that utilizes sun energy to generate electricity; crop management; home composting; and Toga (Family Medicinal Plant) Collection garden.


As your accommodation, we offer 3 types of cottage namely:

  1. Cassava & Durian Cottages:   This cottage types have 4 bedrooms and military barracks/row bed style. Total capacity: 104 beds
  2. Avocado & Banana Cottages:  These cottages have 3 bedrooms, with bunk bed style. Total capacity: 106 beds. The 2 above cottages are designed for group/participants of UTC events.
  3. Papaya, Tomato, & Salacca Cottages :  They are VIP cottages with 3 bedrooms, with containing 2 single beds each. Capacity per cottage is 6 persons.  All cottages are equipped with living room, kitchen, television, cable TV, refrigerator, water heater, and etc. This cottage is suitable for small family, executive, and training & seminar instructors/speakers.

UTC also possesses room/hall facility, including the Multifunction Hall, Hall A and Hall B. The multifunction hall capacity is 400 seats, while Hall A and Hall B can accommodate up to 75 people each. For a small meeting, there are Arjuna and Welirang rooms available for 75 people.

After the session, you can enjoy your foods at a Genitri canteen. Various food set menus are available according to your request. Canteen building consists of 2 floors, situated on the north of the main building (lobby and office).

Amphitheatre is a multipurpose outdoor mini stadium that is located on the center of UTC building. This area offers warm & more intimate atmosphere and is an alternative for outdoor group meeting.  Other outdoor facilities are: water conservation pool, outbound area, camping ground, pavilion, home composting, fruit garden, and toga collection garden.

A little climb to the top, you will find a pavilion that is located on plateau. By standing on pavilion you can enjoy cooler air, splash pool water, and see various attractive plants. We plant different types of fruit (some of them are used as cottage name) and also the cultivation of Family Medicinal Plants (Toga).


Various activities that can be done at UTC

Many activities you can do at UTC, ranging from business meeting, family recreation, seminar and retreat, training, camping, outbound and outdoor games such as Flying Fox and Kids High Rope Course, outdoor games, gardening, or learning process about nature. Prominent facilities as well as healthy, natural, and comfortable atmosphere of green mountain.