Ubaya Training Center (UTC)

Ubaya Training Center (UTC) is part of the Integrated Outdoor Campus (IOC) which is widely known as Ubaya campus III. It is located in Village of Tamiajeng, Trawas and stands on the 36-hectare land. UTC offers a new outdoor training concept that promotes the nature as well as implementation of effective & optimum nature conservation. Detail Info


Student organisation development Ubaya focuses on the student-centred learning.

This focus/orientation inspires Ubaya to determine its student organisation development strategy, aims to accompany the students through co-curricular/extracurricular activities. Info ADPELKAM & Current types of UKM that available at Ubaya


Ubaya grants various awards to students either as an individual or as a group who can demonstrate outstanding achievements in curricular, co-curricular/extra-curricular activities. The outstanding achievements earned by the students will automatically strengthen the image of Ubaya in community. The awards can be categorised as scholarship and/or non scholarship awards.   Click here to view detail Information.

Career Assistance Centre (CAC)

Divisi Career Services hadir sebagai mediator antara UBAYA, industri, dan institusi lain yang memerlukan tenaga profesional.  Info Selengkapnya atau akses situs resmi CAC untuk info lebih lanjut.

International Affairs & International Village

The International Village is aimed at bringing under one roof the various international education and cultural centres operating in Indonesia. This will enable the general public to more easily access their services. click here to view general information, or click the International village website.

Medical Clinic

Klinik Medis Ubaya merupakan salah satu ujung tombak untuk menuju tercapainya kesehatan (jasmani dan rohani) yang lebih baik bagi seluruh civitas akademika Universitas Surabaya pada khususnya dan masyarakat pada umumnya. Info Selanjutnya

Counseling Services

As the division that supports learning and teaching process, PLKPAM serves the students using proactive approach.  Click here to view general information.


Library is not just a place to keep printed and non-printed literatures. Moreover, it provides information for research and learning process purposes. Therefore, the University Library builds relationship in the field of information services with other institutes or libraries.  Click here to view general information, or click library website.

Ubaya Language Center (ULC)

ULC (Ubaya Language Center) – the center for language excellence – was established in April 2004. Detail ULC

Computer Center

Centre for Computer Education services is the computer facility provided to the students and lecturers for media computation and multimedia studies.  Click here to view general information.

Warta Ubaya & Gerbang

Warta Ubaya is monthly tabloid with the first issue was published on 18 November 1994. The target audiences of this tabloid are Ubaya community and staffs, alumni and subscribers. Click  here  or access to Warta Ubaya