Magister Profesi Psikologi

PPMPP is an educational programme of master degree (S-2) which has a purpose to improve the quality of bachelor degree graduates (S-1) in psychology; therefore they have a better competency to enter job fields related to their professional interest.

This goal is implemented in 3 primary characteristics of PPMPP UBAYA:
a. It is a semi specialisation programme.  This education programme is designed to accommodate professional interest of the 
    students, especially as a preparation to work in clinical psychology field, industrial-organisational psychology, and 
    educational psychology. The programme of Bachelor degree in Psychology is still in general.
b. It has more practices and trainings rather than theoretical in order to prepare the students’ competency in the working 
c. It concerns the students independence in committed to study supported by lecturers who have the supportive and
    facilitative functional role.  Collaborative and participative study environment will dominate the programme of PPMPP Ubaya.

PPMPP graduates are entitled to earn a Master of Psychology degree (M.PSi) as well as to provide counselling services or professional practice by utilizing the psychological test. The graduates are eligible to earn the profession of psychologist (M.PSI, Psychologist degree) once they have successfully the Comprehensive Examination that is conducted after the final thesis presentation. In order to graduate from the PPMPP, students are required to successfully take 47 SKS, including 4 SKS for the final thesis.