Business English Study Program Of Politeknik Ubaya Participated In The Membership Of TEFLIN Association And Joined In TEFLIN International Conference

  • 21-11-2011
  • Fadjar Efendy Rasjid

Besides, the Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia. (TEFLIN) conducted th 58th International Conference at IKIP PGRI Semarang on 3-5 November 2011. The conference aims at sharing some approaches, methods, and language learning related to the character building.


As Politeknik Ubaya has a Business English study program, it sent one of the lecturers – Drs Singgih Widodo L., M.Pd. to join this International event as one of the presenters. In order to become the presenter, a paper which should be in line with its theme “ Language Teaching and Character Building” had to be submitted and selected by the board of reviewers of TEFLIN.


As a TEFLIN association member, Business English Study Program of Politeknik Ubaya gains the privilege to associated with the scientific information of the professional  development for English scholars/ lecturers/ teachers in Indonesia through the scientific journal of TEFLIN (accredited journal) and the annual international conference.


TEFLIN also provides the opportunity for the English scholars/ lecturers/ teachers to conduct researches on English language teaching and learning, linguistics, and literature. The results/ reports of the research could be presented in the International Conference and published in TEFLIN Journals.

As one of the selected papers, Drs Singgih Widodo L., M.Pd. presented a topic of “Fostering Soft-Skills Through Contextual- based Activities…” This Conference was also attended by more than 400 participants from 11 nationalities, such as Indonesia, USA, UK, Japan, China, Australia, Iran, Singapore, Thailand, the Phillippines, and Malaysia. There were also some well-known speakers, such as Prof Beverly Derewianka, Ph.D. (Wollongong University Australia), Prof Dr Charles R. Hancock. (Ohio State university), Prof Melchor A Tatlonghari, Ph.D. (univ of Santo Tomas), Dr Helena I R Agustien (Seameo RELC Singapore / Univ Negeri Semarang) and others.